Wind farm & tidal power

Aktis provides operational and design criteria for all types of marine renewables including tidal, wave and wind power. These renewable power plants and support grids are often in intermediate depth water with complex and sometimes evolving bathymetry e.g. due to sand waves.


The foundations of reliable metocean criteria are measurements and hindcasting. Aktis experts have solid experience of using both. This includes setting up and validating models, including for cases with strong wave current interactions; wave growth under extreme wind speeds; local orographic effects on wind conditions and wave propagation over steep slopes. Aktis experts also have in-depth knowledge of analysis of in-situ measurements and using these for calibration and verification of our numerical models. Proper evaluation of measurements and published sources also provides our clients with the important weather systems at a site and the associated warning times (e.g. we may have more warning for an approaching tropical cyclone than for an individual thunder storm). Our studies deliver high quality metocean criteria tailored for design engineers and project managers.

Example projects

Tidal power

  • Isle of Wight:
  • Voith

Wind Power

  • Irish Sea (DONG Energy):
  • German Bight

Wave power

We further support en-route wave statistics and vessel response analysis for transportations.