Forensic Investigation

Together with a thorough understanding of the hydrodynamics of floating objects, vessel operations of sailing and moored ships and understanding the underlying physics of many of the possible explanation of the cause of an incident, we can support P&I investigations as expert witness.

Our services vary from delivering historic metocean data to reconstruct the metocean conditions at the time of an incident; evaluation of passing ship hydrodynamic loads; motion response services (like parametric roll investigations) and mooring failure events.

Mooring line failures

Aktis Hydraulics has supported various forensic investigations into mooring failure. These include

Severe weather events:

  • Severe swells entering a bay resulting in a bulker breaking free of its moorings damaging much of the terminal’s export infrastructure. The affected ship was part of a multi-body I-shaped terminal configuration, where the affected ship was partly sheltered by another bulker at the exposed side of the terminal
  • Three independent swells diffracting around a detached breakwater causing excessive vessel oscillations on an LNG terminal;
  • Severe gale winds causing a moored Ro-Ro vessel to break free of its moorings causing itself severe damage.

Passing ship events, including:

  • Bulker moored at a river quay breaking free of its moorings damaging terminal equipment;
  • Bulker moored at a loading jetty on a river breaking it’s moorings;


Analysis of historic events; reproduction of detailed site specific metocean conditions; weakest link assessment; container loss incidents; parametric roll; forensic analysis; evaluation of most likely scenarios leading to incident.