Weather modelling with WRF

The WRF model (weather research and forecasting) is a detailed 3-D model of the weather that represents wind speed, pressure, density, temperature and humidity at different levels. Input to the model include initial fields of these parameters from a global database (e.g. the CFSR database of global weather on a 30’ grid); the same data on the boundaries of the model throughout the simulation period; data on vegetation, land roughness and thermal capacity; data on input of solar energy.

Aktis usually constructs initial model on a resolution of 27 km with 36 atmospheric layers, refining this in nested areas by a factor 3 in the horizontal dimensions until the required resolution is achieved. (usually 3km or even 1 km). The maximum allowable time-step also decreases with model resolution.

Aktis is experienced at applying the model and making comparisons with local measurements to ensure that the results are sensible.

This animation presents the wind streamlines of WRF results for ambient conditions near Cote d’Azur, France. It emphasizes the effect of the terrain on the local wind flow.