Moored Ship Projects

The team at Aktis Hydraulics BV (formerly BMT Ship and Coastal Dynamics BV and BMT Argoss) has extensive experience in analysis of moored vessels. The team includes experienced naval architects and civil engineers with more than 25 years experience in this field and Aktis avails of the most state-of-the-art mooring analysis tools.

Example projects & locations:

  • FPSO mooring using ShoreTension for bp
  • Liverpool II container terminal – United Kingdom
  • Lihir – export terminal – Pacific Ocean
  • Tarawa – general purpose berth – Pacific Ocean
  • Cochin – passing ship investigations – India
  • Rotterdam – Shore Tension evaluation for container vessels – Netherlands
  • Shore Tension evaluation for LNG carriers – general evaluation
  • Drop-loading operations for Bulkers – Indonesia
  • New Foundland – Tanker Ship-to-ship terminal operations
  • Cyprus – LNG and Oil terminal evaluation