LNG Projects

The team at Aktis Hydraulics BV (formerly BMT Ship and Coastal Dynamics BV and BMT Argoss) has extensive experience in analysis of moored vessels in general and LNG carriers in particular. The team includes experienced naval architects and civil engineers with more than 25 years experience in this field and Aktis avails of the most state-of-the-art analysis tools. The company’s experience in the field of LNG includes fixed and floating LNG terminals, offshore, onshore and inshore and for LNG carriers, FSRU and FLNGs.

Examples of LNG mooring studies carried out include projects in:

  • Myanmar, FSRU + LNGC double-banking STS jetty arrangement
  • Hong Kong, FSRU + LNGC at opposite sides of jetty
  • Ivory Coast, with FSRU + LNGC double-banking STS jetty arrangement
  • Carribean, floating SPM FSRU + LNGC STS heading mooring analysis
  • Cyprus, FSRU + LNGC at opposite sides of jetty and floating CBM STS arrangement
  • Ghana, LNGC mooring
  • Canada, double banking at jetty mooring analysis
  • China, FSRU moored at jetty
  • India, FSRU preliminary Tsunami impact analysis
  • Trinidad & Tobago, LNGC jetty mooring analysis
  • Pacific, forensic investigation into mooring line failure events
  • Netherlands, LNGC mooring analysis using ShoreTensionTM mooring devices

Double berthing studies have also been carried out for many other sites for non-LNG applications.