Partitioning of Wave Spectra

The global hindcast model gives all wave systems arriving at a location from local seas to multiple swells from distant storms. To understand and analyse these data, we first must separate these components, and this is why we need a splitter. Most design responses are sensitive to a variety of wave characteristics including wave period. From the total seastate there is usually no clear relationship between height and period (see left image below). After the use of a good splitter that identifies meaningful, natural wind wave and swell systems, the designer gets the insight he needs to complete reliable analysis.

Total SeaState

Wind Seas


The left figure above shows the unclear relationship between total wave height and wave period. The centre and right figures present the results for wind seas and combined swells respectively. They show that the relationship is clearer after the use of our partitioning software. In the right figure distinct swell systems can be identified showing that allowing more than 1 swell partition would be appropriate.