HB Havens Hydraulic Boundary conditions in Dutch harbours

Aktis Hydraulics together with HKV – Lijn in water have developed software package for the Dutch Directorate General to evaluate all primary water defenses in the Netherlands that are situated inside harbours. The sofware facilitates wave modellers to propagate WTI Wave Conditions (Hydraulic Boundary Conditions) to test locations inside Dutch Harbours for evaluation of the Dutch primary water defenses to statistically evaluate the probability of failure of the defenses to assess the safety of the defenses.

HB Havens relies on a simple wave penetration computational method that is valid for simple (convex) harbour geometries accounting for:

  • Local wind growth
  • Diffraction around breakwaters
  • Transmission
  • Breaking

and a more advanced methodology applying both SWAN and PHAROS to capture the relevant process mentioned above for more complex port geometries like IJmuiden and the Port of Rotterdam.

HB Havens is currently being used for evaluation of al primary water defenses located in the Dutch harbours.