Motion response analysis for BP’s Greater
Tortue Ahmeyim Development.

For Tortue, a major offshore LNG project located on the maritime border of Mauritania and Senegal, Aktis has provided several studies in order to support the construction of the berm of the main breakwater The breakwater will consist of 21 concrete caissons 16 500 t each) which will be placed on the underwater rubble mound For the construction of the breakwater berm 2 5 million tons of quarry materials are required to be placed at a water depth between 30 to 40 m A logistical challenge that is executed by Eiffage and Jan de Nul with rock material supplied by Bontrup Logistics using self discharging bulk carriers

The rose shows the expected hold motions to establish optimal heading for discharging holds.

It can be seen that the abaft and abow holds show the largest motions and should be discharged whenever conditions are mild.

Aktis Hydraulics Weather Vaning Cargo hold motions

Aktis Hydraulics have executed various assessments to support the logistical challenges associated to the construction of the berm The studies encompassed:

  • Evaluation of the vessel response: for long term timeseries to obtain detailed insight in the workability at the site for different headings to
    perform rock dumping operations with self discharging bulk carriers above the future breakwater berm;
  • Evaluation of the operations strategy; the mooring arrangement and hold back tug capacity required for efficient rock dumping operations;
  • Evaluation of Ship To Ship loading;
    for transshipment of quarry materials using ship gear (grabbers) and (simultaneous) offloading using the vessel conveyor belt boom to a DP Fall Pipe Vessel;
    Evaluation of offshore mooring; anchor capacity requirements and mooring configuration for the multi body moorings. The above activities were executed on relatively short execution lead times and the experts of.

Aktis Hydraulics have undertaken pragmatic but detailed modelling to assess the metocean climate, the recommended heading and the motion response
climate at various locations.