Operational and design conditions in Kamchatka

Aktis Hydraulics studied the wind, and waves at a sheltered location at Kamchatka to obtain ambient and design metocean conditions. Thanks to our global databases and streamlined production, wave climate data at sheltered and shallow water locations such as this one can be provided within two days

The location of interest was sheltered inside a fjord. So Aktis Hydraulics used advanced wave modelling to capture the important physical processes of the wave propagation. We used a chain of model including WW3, SWAN for the wave propagation and the in-house DINA to estimate the effect of diffraction around the site of interest.

Aktis Hydraulics also extracted the relevant wave systems offshore thanks to our in-house partitioning software. Thanks to this, we could treat the various wave systems independently through the wave modelling process.

Average wave spectra offshore Kamchatka

The average wave spectra above shows that the wave climate has three main wave systems.