FSRU / LNG terminal operational and design criteria

Aktis supports the design of terminals and weathervaning FSRU’s, particularly those located in the coastal zone, both with the motion response and manoeuvrability of LNG carriers and with metocean information and coastal modelling. Aktis has built up a loyal client base and has participated in projects on all continents and is familiar with the information needed by LNG operators and investors whether choosing a site or progressing a design.

Aktis supports site selection studies, preliminary design and FEED level studies for gas transporters, energy companies, contractors and engineering consultants. Our studies are built on on our our ability to carry out quick assessments as well as our access to global metocean databases and skills in setting up dedicated advanced numerical models. This often involves feedback on the quality of in-situ measurement data and recommending the most suitable data to be used. We are also familiar with assessing squalls and thunder storms (interpreting data from satellite observations), storm surges (using measured water level and models), infra-gravity waves (using modelling and measurements), cyclones (using databases, high resolution models and Monte Carlo Simulation), and tsunamis.

All year Operability, Downtime computations

Deliverables: downtime values, optimisation layout

Weather Windows, complex operations

Deliverables: number of operations completed in a year.

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