Inland Water Transportation

With our broad knowledge of inland waterways, including vessel types, the shipping process, locks and other structures, we are fully equipped to meet our customers’ requirements. Aktis Hydraulics offers a range of inland waterway consultancy services which can be applied to:

  • Evaluation of nautical bottlenecks
  • Evaluation of the impact of construction and upgrade works on the inland shipping process
  • Nautical design of inland waterways, harbours and outer harbours near locks
  • Design of lock levelling systems with water-saving basins
  • Design of mooring systems in outer harbours and locks (during lock levelling)
  • Determination of  lock capacities
  • Accessibility of seaports for inland vessels (e.g. limiting wave conditions in the outer harbour)
  • Feasibility of berthing in and along waterways also accounting for passing ships.