Our Services

Coastal Metocean

Aktis Hydraulics applies state-of-the-art numerical metocean models and archives the results of regional models to derive reliable extreme and operational conditions.

Mooring System

Aktis Hydraulics has an extensive track record in designing mooring systems for LNG carriers, container terminals, Oil Terminals, Cruise Ships and many other types of ships, either alone or moored side by side.

Manoeuvring & IWT

With our broad knowledge of manoeuvring in shallow waters and inland waterways, including vessel types, the shipping process, locks and other structures, we are fully equipped to meet our customers’ requirements.

Motion Response

In our view, response based evaluations result in a much better basis for design providing more accurate and reliable information than treating the metocean evaluation separate from the design objective.

Tropical Storms

++ colourfull image of eye of tropical storm

Pipelines & Scour

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